Retirement Planning

With Australians living longer retirement planning is more important than ever before.  The ability to have and maintain a good retirement lifestyle is a common goal, but without planning many people fail to achieve the lifestyle that they are capable of. 



It is never too early, or too late, to begin planning for your retirement.  By having a strong and effective road map to retirement you can be guaranteed to enjoy your retirement and maintain your lifestyle. 

As part of our holistic approach to advice we create a road map to retirement for you, which allows you to focus safe in the knowledge that you are moving towards a financially secure retirement. 

Our pre-retirement advice to you includes:




Robertson Financial Planning specialises in helping you to maximise your post-retirement lifestyle.  We do this through a combination of balancing your cash flow, maximising your use of government incentives and entitlements, and optimising the structure of your asset holdings. 

By examining your circumstances and goals in post-retirement RFP can assess your ability to restructure and take advantage of changing rules and regulations so that you can make the most of your income and assets.  This can make all the difference between retirement bliss and retirement envy. 

As part of our service guarantee, we offer a free initial consultation to determine how we can optimise your post-retirement lifestyle or develop a pre-retirement road map.