Wealth Creation

Long term wealth creation is the foundation of financial security and success.  Building wealth does not require a huge income or amazing luck.  Instead wealth is created by investing money effectively and intelligently, so that it can work harder for you and grow.

The range of investment options and strategies are available to grow your wealth is wider and more powerful than ever before.  By taking advantage of these strategies you can supercharge your wealth creation and achieve financial security, or choose to maintain and grow your wealth steadily with time. 

At Robertson Financial Planning we offer our expertise in both pure investment advice and in more comprehensive, long term financial plans.  We can develop a financial plan that uses effective investment strategies to build your wealth, taking into account the range of taxation, protection, retirement and estate planning issues. 

Below is a straightforward and basic example of how wealth can be built using the power of compounding returns. 


Compounding Returns

The power of compounding returns is simple but should not be underestimated.  By taking advantage of this simple principle wealth can be built and a high net worth achieved. 


For example Sarah invests $10,000 per year for ten years, achieving a nominal interest rate of 8% per year. 


After 1 year, Sarah has $10,800

After 2 years, Sarah has $22,464

After 3 years, Sarah has $35,061...


7 years on, and Sarah has $96,366...


And after investing $100,000 over 10 years, Sarah now has $156,455

As can be seen even a basic and straightforward investment strategy returning 8% per annum results in substantial wealth being generated.  By taking advantage of more sophisticated and appropriate investment options and strategies even greater growth and long term wealth creation is achievable.  

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